Chaloklam Beach

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Chaloklam (sometimes spelt Chaloklum) is an amazing place for people wanting to get back to a more natural environment. The bay is about 3 km in length with sandy stretches and bungalows spread thoughout.

Chaloklam itself is a former fishing village with a very laid back atmosphere. There is a dive center in the village and many small shops and restaurants. There is a temple in the village and a Chinese Temple on the way back to the port of Thongsala.

An elephant training camp on the outskirts of the village is a great attraction - in fact there are two.

In general the bay is filled with trees and meadowland rather than development which lends it a rural feel. The people are very chilled out and accomodating. There are some bars in the village and then most of the bungalows along the beach also offer drinking and dining.

A great place to visit and use as your base to visit the many beaches and bays on the island.


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