Koh Phangan Party Information

The Koh Phangan Full Moon Party is probably the most infamous party in the world. For over 30 years this monthly raving has drawn 30,000 plus party goers to Koh Phangan Island in Thailand. Haad Rin is the setting on the southern peninsular of the Island - a sandy beach cove featuring a multitude of sound stages, light and fire shows. Haad Rin accommodation fills very quickly but this is not a problem as party goers come from all over the Island - taxi's are just a few minutes drive from most accommodation destinations. Tickets are bought on the door and guests are issued with a security wristband. The Full Moon Party is usually held on full moon night except where this clashes with a Buddhist holiday - in which case the dates are moved slightly. The taxi rank operates throughout the night allowing guests to return once they are partied out. Or keep the party going at the chill out events mentioned below.

The full moon party stretches across the entire length of the beachfront. In addition to the sound stages and many venues there are both permenant and temporary bars set in place to provide contant refreshment to revellers. Red Bull buckets with Thai rum are very popular and ubiquitous across the beachfront. Keep Koh Phangan tidy is a campaigning theme - bins are provided across the bay so please help keep the place pretty. Party people - no pollution please.




Half Moon Party dates are one week either side of the full moon party. The Half Moon Party is held at Ban Tai and is a lively event that attracts up to 3,000 guests for each event, the Black Moon Party is held at Ban Kai and attracts up to 1,000 people. The Baan Sabaii After Party is held at Ban Kai on the morning after each major event with several hundred people chilling out in the morning rays. Please note party dates will change from time to time due to public holidays clashing with full moon dates. The Jungle Party is held close to Ban Tai 2 days before full moon and the Waterfall Party is held close to Ban Tai the night before full moon. Whatever time you come to Koh Phangan there is always an event to keep guests entertained.

Month Full Moon Party Half Moon Party
Black Moon Party
January January 4th January 13th & 27th January 20th
February February 3rd February 14th & 25th February 19th
March March 5th March 12th & 27th March 15th
April April 3rd April 12th & 25th April 19th
May May 2nd May 11th & 25th May 18th
June June 2nd & 30th June 9th & 24th June 16th
July - July 8th & 24th July 16th
August August 1st & 29th August 7th and 22nd August 14th
September September 27th September 4th & 20th September 13th
October October 27th October 4th & 20th October 13th
November November 25th November 3rd and 19th November 12th
December December 25th (Xmas Party) & 31st (New Year Party) December 3rd and 18th December 24th

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