Best Rate Guarantee

Best Rate Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

The prices displayed on sites powered by Koh Phangan TV are very competitive - this includes hotel, villa and bungalow websites developed as official websites for each hotel. The displayed rates that are either equivalent to or cheaper than on other websites. Should you be able to find a rate for the same accommodation with the same booking conditions prior to booking or within 24 hours of making your reservation then we will match the price. All that we will need is a link to the offer on the website so that we can make the comparison.

Best Rate Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Notification must be within 24 hours of booking and include the link to where an advertised price is displayed. We will then check to make the comparison.
The guarantee is not applicable for same day bookings.
The guarantee is applicable to online booking rates.
The lower price must have exactly the same booking in and check out dates with exactly the same room type and booking conditions.
The lower rate must be in the same currency.

Before submitting a claim remember that some websites display a rate that is exclusive of various charges such as tax and service charges. All of our rates are the rate that you will pay. There are no hidden charges.

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