Haad Rin Beach

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Haad Rin is the home of the world famous Full Moon party - an extravaganza that attracts 30,000 revellers each month to rave, dance and boogie to their hearts content.

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It is also the scene of incredible beauty as the beach and bay span out with white sand and sparkling water.

Haad Rin is also famous as the place where Leonardo Di Caprio did not make the Hollywood film "The Beach". You can buy souvenir t-shirts in Haad Rin with "Leonardo was not here" stamped on the front.

Haad Rin is the night entertainment centre of Koh Phangan with bars and restaurants all over the peninsula. Haad Rin is usually full most of the year and so even when accommodation is not available tourists stay elsewhere and are taxied in for full moon and the general revellry.


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